Each bag is unique, handmade with the best leathers and with lots of love. The expertise of our craftsmen gives our bags character, simplicity, practicality and timeless design expressed in modern lines.

  • Mary

    169.00 84.50 (iva incl)

  • Andrea

    160.00 80.00 (iva incl)



Our shoes are made by hand. Thinking about women comfort and to tread strong. Collections are created under the idea of empower women and give them joy for live life for themselves.

  • Ariane

    195.00 49.00 (iva incl)

  • Manuela

    195.00 117.00 (iva incl)



Every woman is unique. Maria Albertin wants to give you the opportunity to express as you are, as you live, as you feel and as you move. Every strap for your bag will reflect your character on you. Because you are unique.

  • April

    80.00 40.00 (iva incl)

  • Estee

    80.00 40.00 (iva incl)